Core Facility Flow Cytometry BMC

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We offer access to 2 high-end analyzers:

  • Cytek Aurora equipped with 5 lasers (355, 405, 488, 561, 640nm)
    => full spectrum analyzer for high-parameter analysis 
    This instrument was partly financed by the SFB1054, so there are reduced usage fees for SFB1054-members.  
  • BD LSRFortessa equipped with 5 lasers (355, 405, 488, 561, 640nm)
    => tube acquisition as well as high-throughput sampler (HTS) option allowing rapid walk-away aquisition of 96- and 384-well plates. (Please activate the 'HTS' option when booking the Fortessa for an HTS session.)

See below for our default configurations (other short-term configuration of the LSRFortessa such as for buv-dyes or YFP/GFP are possible).
The Internal User Guides can be downloaded from the PPMS booking system>documents.