Core Facility Flow Cytometry BMC

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For new users

These are the steps to become a user at our Facility:

  • Please read through the Instrument Training and Services pages.
  • Contact the Core Facility staff and describe your plans/wishes.
    Together we will figure out if service or training to become an autonomous user is best for you, and which instruments are best suited and have capacity for your research question. 
  • Read the Terms of Use (for download below). The future user and his/her Principal Investigator (the one who is paying the usage fees) need to sign the confirmation on the last page, and send it back to the facility manager prior to the first appointment.
  • Request an account for the LMU subdomain of the booking system PPMS.
    If you are already registered with any of the other core facilities within the BMC (ZfP, Bioimaging, Biophysics), do NOT register again.
    In case your Group account does not exist in the system yet, the Pricipal Investigator has to request the Group account. Wait until you receive confirmation before you proceed.
  • After account confirmation, request services or trainings as needed, see instructions on the Services and/or Instrument Training pages.

Please note: 

  • Important: You cannot bring other people to the facility (not only in times of the Corona pandemic). Everybody that uses the equipment of the Core Facility or generates data there has to acknowledge the Terms of Use, and get laser and biosafety training as required. 
  • Using the core facility equipment or services is subject to usage fees. Cancellation policy applies (see FAQ). Booking and not using the instrument (no-show) is also subject to fees.