Core Facility Flow Cytometry BMC

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Our Services and Prices

The CFFlowCyt at BMC provides:

  • complete workflows (cell isolation, enrichment, staining, analysis/sort, and data analysis) as service
  • advanced data analysis (tSNE, SPADE, kinetics, quality pre-processing etc.) or data preparation for publication as service
  • consultation on experimental design, sample preparation, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation
    (free of charge for all our users!)

Usage and service fees are listed in the document for download below.
Please note the current cancellation policy. 

Please note that fees for use of flow cytometry equipment in core facilities can be applied for in grant applications. For DFG grants, please see “Hinweise zu Gerätenutzungskosten und zu Gerätezentren”. Usage fees can also be applied for in BMBF or EU grants.