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Theory Courses & Workshops

Course dates are announced in the News section, including registration and pricing information (most courses are free of charge for our users).
If there is nothing scheduled right now, you can register your interest in participation via our PPMS platform (=>'Request')

Basic Course: Essentials of Flow Cytometry (1 d)

In this training we are going through the essential background knowledge for flow cytometry. We will cover the crucial aspects of optics, fluidics and electronics, and best-practices of panel design, sample preparation and data analysis. 

Basic Course: Grundlagen der Durchflusszytometrie - auf Deutsch (1 d)

Dieses Webinar auf Deutsch vermittelt die Theorie der Durchflusszytometrie (Fluidics, Optik, Elektronik), Grundlagen zum Panel Design, Tips zur Probenvorbereitung, sowie Grundlagen der "best-practice" Datenanalyse.

Basic Course: Data Analysis Workshop (1 d)

In this workshop we are adressing best-practices of data analysis. We will highlight some common mistakes and pitfalls, and show you how to make your analysis more robust. After the introduction, participants are invited to apply these principles to example data and finally their own data, and discuss all open questions. Prerequisite for the latter part: access to a FlowJo license.

Advanced Course: Compensation Workshop (1/2 d)

In this workshop, we are going to talk about theory of compensation, best-practices for the controls, the impact of spectral overlap on data quality; and we will work on post-acquisition compensation in FlowJo discussing the dos and don'ts. This workshop is designed to take half a day. 

Advanced Course: Advanced Panel Design Workshop (1/2 d)

In this new format we are discussion best-practices of panel design, and how you can make your life easier... while optimizing your data quality.

Advanced Course: Understanding Sorting Parameters (1 d)

In this new format all aspects of sorting will be covered: understanding Nozzle choices, sort decision settings, aspects for optimizing yield/purity/viability/duration, sort-specific gating aspects, considerations for sample prep and different downstream applications. 

All coures are online (Zoom). 
Formats can be customized or newly established for groups (such as IRTGs, companies etc). Contact us by email.