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November 2021 Update! Safety Measures - COVID19

safety measures at the Core Facility Flow Cytometry


Dear users of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility,


  • Wearing FFP2 maks is again mandatory at all of LMU.
  • Everyone entering the Core Facility has to have an existing reservation for that day in PPMS! 
    No unauthorized people or non-registered visitors are allowed in the Core Facility at any time. 
  • The "zoning" of instruments has ended.
  • Autonomous users
  1. can only book Fusion No1 after confirmation (of the booked slot in PPMS) by Lisa Richter; any user that is not a member of the Institute for Immunology can get slots only after 5pm, or on weekends; exceptions for users with 3G proof
  2. must maintain 1.5m spacing at any time
  3. should wear gloves at all times – also when touching the PC, keyboard, mouse (use different sets of gloves for samples and computer equipment! Dispose of gloves in the blue bins!)
  4. have to disinfect mouse and keyboard after usage: wipe with 80% EtOH
  5. need to wash hands when entering and when leaving the facility.

Please also note the Information for employees on the LMU Website.  

Last updated: 2021-11-10