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August Update! Safety Measures - COVID19

safety measures at the Core Facility Flow Cytometry


Dear users of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility,

The CFFlowCyt has to follow the recommendations and rules issued by the State of Bavaria, the LMU, BMC.

This means:

  • Trainings are suspended until further notice. ==> Update June 8th: we are resuming trainings with certain restrictions; please request your training via the PPMS system
  • Service sorts are only possible if the samples are handed over (drop-off) for processing and later collected – no discussion of gating etc. at the instrument. 
  • autonomous S2-sorts are suspended until further notice. ==> Update August 3rd: Only selected users (which we notified) can resume autonomous BSL2-sorting.
  • Autonomous users
  1. have to avoid parallel use of more than two instruments per room at a given time
  2. must maintain 1.5m spacing at any time
  3. have to wear protective facial masks covering mouth and nose - "Community masks", i.e. those prescribed by the State of Bavaria to be worn in stores and public transportation from 27 April on, are sufficient.
  4. have to wear glovesat all times – also when touching the PC, keyboard, mouse. (If necessary, use different sets of gloves for samples and computer equipment! Dispose of gloves in the blue bins!)
  5. have to disinfect mouse and keyboard after usage: wipe with 80% EtOH
  6. need to wash hands when entering and when leaving the facility.

Please also note the Information regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and current information on the summer semester 2020 on the LMU Website.  

Last updated: 2020-08-04