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1-day Flow Cytometry Crash Course

May 19th, 2023 via Zoom


We would like to invite you to another virtual FlowCytometry Basic Course "Essentials of Flow Cxtometry", on May 19th 2023:

This crash course takes one day (9:00-approx. 15:00; via Zoom),
and will cover:

  • theory of flow cytometry
  • principles of experimental design
  • hints on sample preparation
  • best-practices in data analysis
  • flow cytometry applications 

Please register here:

Participation in a basic course is mandatory if you want to be trained on a sorter, or want to participate in an advanced course format.
users of our Core Facility: free of charge
other academic employees: 30€ contribution towards expenses (credited on future usage)
industry users: 30€ contribution towards expenses (billed on your group invoice)
industry non-users: 60€ contribution towards expenses (30€ credited on future usage) 

With best regards,

Benjamin and Pardis