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ThermoFisher Webinar on Spectral Cytometry

part of the Scientist to Scientist Series


ThermoFisher is inviting you to the Webinar:

Introduction to Spectral Flow Cytometry and Panel Design
William Kang, Staff Scientist, R&D Protein and Cell Analysis
14th of May 2020 - 4 pm (CET)
The continued development of spectral cytometers in the last few years is enabling expanded multiplexing in cellular analysis by harnessing the full emission spectrum of fluorophores used in flow cytometry. Full emission spectral analysis is not a new concept, but due to technological bottlenecks, was not generally adopted until recently. Spectral cytometers can leverage the unique spectral signatures found in the novel dye portfolio that Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed. This seminar will briefly explore the difference between conventional flow cytometry and spectral flow cytometry. We will also explore the importance of single-color controls, the possible combinations of dyes currently in the market, and panel design.

This webinar is solely organized by ThermoFisher, and is part of the Scientist to Scientist Series, providing you with a daily 45 - 60 minutes online seminar to inform about their latest innovative solutions and are intended to stimulate an interactive live discussion and generate new ideas.
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