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New Instrument at the Core Facility!

the Cytek Aurora 5-laser has arrived!


We are happy to now host the spectral analyzer Cytek Aurora (equipped with 5-lasers) in our Core Facility Flow Cytometry at BMC, co-funded by the SFB1054 and the BMC.

Besides enabling >30 color analysis off 5 lasers, the spectral technology offers several more advantages over conventional flow cytometry:

  • combination of ‘similar’ dyes that cannot be combined in classical flow
  • higher sensitivity for weak signals as well as small particles
  • better separation of fluorescent proteins
  • autofluorescence subtraction for challenging cell populations
  • analysis of autofluorescence properties (for the differentiation of microorganisms, aquatic organisms...)

For more information and data examples, please also have a look at the Cytek Aurora website.

Join our seminar by Cytek Experts at BMC, on February 18th for an introduction to the technology - more details here

Regarding training opportunities and panel design advice (you can combine more colors than usual!), please get in touch: